Barron’s ranked Vail Resorts’ Colorado ski areas fifth in the “20 best places for second homes,” succinctly stating why we are well positioned for continuing success in the years ahead.

Summer is typically the height of our inventory accumulation cycle where teir 1 inventory sells in July, tier 2 in August, teir 3 in September with the leftovers carrying over to the following ski season. With stock market valuations setting all-time record highs, investors have been reluctant to redeploy capital but with the longest lasting expansion in history fading as returns slow and profit-taking occurs capital preservation asset classes are back in favor including world class resort real estate which delivers lifestyle dividends regardless of financial performance.


In combination with baby boomer demographics, a highly affluent customer base, an expanding international clientele, and the expenditure of more than four billion dollars in ski villages the size of postage stamps, the stage is set for continued long-term 5% rate of appreciation, supporting the premise that you can have fun and make money if you know how to go about it.


While the obligations and negative cash flow aspects of ownership can sometimes be burdensome, the numbers still work as illustrated in the Investment Performance tab on our web site with. Now is the time to explore the pluses and minuses of buying a Vail vacation home property as it fits your particular situation.





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